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Checks By Fax software is a Small Business & Corporate checks by fax, phone, and e-mail check and draft printing software program which allows you to take checks by fax and now also SEND Checks.

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Karnak Library in depth research
SurfWax innovative format
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Multi and Meta Search Engines
A set of meta search engines that provides user options to customize results and groups findings by topic. Includes meta search options for general searches, financial searches, health/ medical and federal government searches. Using the general use metasearch engine with its clean layout, we found this metasearch engine easy to use, providing highly relevant listings from the ten search engines it covers and it organizes the findings into logical groupings. One of most useful metasearch tools currently available. Worth a try!

IQ 140
This meta search engine is fast, comprehensive and ranks findings by relevance! Searches 14 engines. Results ranked by relevancy and includes information about which search engine it came from. Currently one of the few meta search tools that supports regular searches, natural language searches, and advanced boolean searches, and knows which engines can handle which types of searches. If a page is listed in more than one search engine, Ixquick tells you which engines and how it was ranked. Does include some redundant listings but overall one of the best metasearch engines. Currently the default search engine on our browser.

Fast and comprehensive metasearch engine. Metor with its easy to navigate clean layout searches the top ten search engine databases, eliminates redundant listings providing highly relevant listings and live listings. In addition to its general metasearch function Metor has 24 topic specific metasearch channels. While limited in scope, these channels may be just the place to start a topic specific search. This metasearch engine's performance stands out above the crowd of look-a-like metasearch engines. Worth a try!

C4 is the improved version of the already excellent meta search engine cyber 411. Comprehensive, but occasionally slow searches of up to 16 search engines with one query. Present results in groups of ten, with duplicates and irrelevant listings included. C4 is the new version with additional search features and personalization features.

Easy to use meta search engine, now if they'd just get rid of all those annoying flashing banners. Includes the ability to control searches, and description for listings. Searches 8 engines quickly. Listings are average in relevancy, shown as one long easy to scroll page. Does include redundant listings.
CNet's specialty meta search engine. Unlike other meta search engines, this engine does more than search just the large databases like Lycos, or Excite. Based on your category selection it will meta search some of the most prominent specialty databases in that area. I.e. for Business searches, Bloomberg is one of the databases searched.

Specialty meta search engines are a great idea, of course the results you get will depend on the quality, range and scope of the databases searched. In the case of these are all top notch. Yet, yet we expected this idea to yield even more targeted and comprehensive results. Where this engine falls short is that its core meta search engine is limited compared and suffers in terms of relevance compared to some of the best meta search engines such as Ixquick. Where Search excels in the area of specialty meta searching and is definitely worth a try.

Provides an uncluttered, appealing interface for the beginning searcher. A good starting point for most searches, with redundancies eliminated. Urls for Ask Jeeves include:,,

A meta search engine that allows you to customize the number of listings shown. Fast and comprehensive with average relevancy for a meta search engine. Provides control over which engines searched. Results given in one long easy to scroll list with redundant listings. Unfortunately the home page design is cluttered, flashing banners next, preselected links, poor quality graphics, etc.

Competent meta search engine.

A good cleanly designed meta search engine. Now supposedly ranks sites according to their popularity in the search engines. Could still use improvement in the relevancy of results. Worth a try. review updated!

Karnak Library
Register to use this meta search tool. Queries take 8-20 minutes and the results page is emailed to you. Regularly updates its findings and keeps the information for you at the site. Findings are comprehensive and ranked by relevancy. In internet time this is a slooww search tool, but its ability to dig deep over time can't be beat. For ongoing research projects, this may be the search tool to try.

Competent meta search engine providing on target listings with a minimum of redundant pages. Providing online language translation of web pages.

One of the first well thought out meta search engines. Organizes results by type of site, commercial, educational, etc. Has since been surpassed by other meta search engines like Redesearch in comprehensiveness.

IqSeek Cluttered homepage design to this meta search engine. Does include ability to control which of 15 search engines are used, provides results in one convenient long list, unfortunately with redundancies included.

Searches over ten engines and directories. Results presented in groups of 10. No control over the search apparent. Relevancy is average, and identical listings from redundant sites included. Partner site SearchBug uses mama's meta search function with similar results.

This metasearch engine searches 4 of the top search engines plus 4 pay-for-placement engines. Now offers a clean and simple look and personalization options. Results were average in relevancy for a metasearch engine.

Fast comprehensive search of ten popular search engines. Provides one long list of listings, organized by search engine. Clean easy to use layout. The new Google of meta search engines. Attempts to find 10-25 listings from each engine.

Provides users with control of engines searched. Still lacking in customization of searches, relevancy of listings, personalization of home page and comprehensiveness as compared to some meta search engines that cover 14 search engines. Groups listings by search engine resulting in redundant listings.

Searches 9 of the top search engines. Lists the results by search engine on one long page. Easy to scan results but could be improved by integrating the results and ranking by relevancy. A good basic meta search engine. review updated!

Category based directory of search tools. Click on a category and it gives you a choice of approximately six appropriate search and specialty search engines.

Unique format that you'll love or hate. Run a search on the 12 search engines and get up to 400 listings back, in the left column. Click on the green button to get an instant overview of the listing in the right hand column of your browser. This engine is fast, comprehensive and provides the all to common redundant listings associated with most meta search engines. Its worth a try and you may love it depending on how you like your results dished up. review updated!

This meta search engine has an easy to read layout with just the right level of information including category links to news feeds, weather and TV listings. Performance as good as many meta search engines.

Web Search Wizard IQ 125
Helps you pick the best search tool for the task. Set up as a decision tree spread over a couple of web pages, just click on the type of information you're after and this tool provides with a set of recommended search engines best suited to your particular search task. A great idea, now it just needs to be expanded so its comprehensive and the decision tree needs to be refined so it works from one page, instead of multiple pages.

This attractive and easy to use meta search engine is better than average in performance, returning far to many pages from each individual site resulting in only a few sites being featured on each results page. Elimination of redundant listings would be a step in the right direction.

Meta search engine with competent performance. Is comprehensive and searches the largest databases but neglects to sift out similar listings from the same url.

A fairly clean and easy to use meta search engine with average comprehensiveness and relevancy. Missing user search controls. Results layout is awkward and hard to read. Only 20 listings per page.

Meta IQ IQ 120
Previously SearchEnginesGalore. Search 12 of the top search engines at one time, or individually (automatically selects 5 to start). Given the range of types of search engines (from popularity to general use) MetaIQ uses it should provide more relevant results. Includes a small "subject directory" of of search engines and selected sites. Does provide the ability to control search engines searched and results are provided in one long easy to read list. Now includes "Ask an Expert" for those questions you can't find an answer to on your own. Uses volunteer "experts" to respond to questions emailed in for many topic areas. We didn't test this feature but like the notion of tapping the knowledge of individuals.

Multi-engine search. Despite its drab homepage this is a competent meta search engine providing results of average relevancy in an easy to read format. Includes information about which search engine was used to find each listing.

A meta search engine using the same database as () with similar results above average results.

Powered by Mamma (see review above).

A directory of search engines and search engine tools.

New technology quasi meta search engine. Starting with a clean homepage design this search engine provides the ubiquitous query box. After entering your keywords and hitting the return key this engine does a preliminary sort and comes up with one or more core categories to search in the scrollable menu below the query box. If the category is appropriate (e.g. if you enter trimaran, it will suggest "sailboat"), the next step is to click on the search button for the actual search.

We like the effort to narrow the search via a preliminary search but does it improve the relevancy of the following search? In our tests we found only average relevancy of suggested listings. This could be due to the limited number of databases searched (only 3, DirectHit, Inktomi, Excite) and the lack of any filtering system to sort the results based on cumulative relevancy. Another annoying problem was the lack of a search box on the results page. I.e. you need to hit to return to the home page to start a search. Unlike some search engines which sit stagnant after their initial development we have high hopes for Simpli as they continue to work on the quality of this search tool. (read their press release)

Black Widow IQ 110
Meta search engine and links to core categories from the Open Directory Project. If meta search engines are a good tool and directories are another than putting the two together should create a killer search tool. Right? Given the mediocre performance of this meta search engine, low relevancy of listings, you're better off using a high quality meta search engine, one that searches the Open Project Directory such as: ZWorks.

One of the first and most commonly used meta search engines, dogpile searches 3 databases at a time and then asks if you want to search more. Provides options allowing you to select which databases to search Results are average in relevancy and is sequential mode of searching is more cumbersome than many of the newer, more accurate and comprehensive meta search engines.

Searches the most popular search engines. Graphics and results list are clunky.

An easy way to access 30 of the most popular search engines and meta search tools.

This meta search engine is fast, covering up to ? 20 search engines. To use this search tool first you need to find the query box on this poorly designed homepage. Once this engine starts, its a sprinter, returning up to 250 results. Unfortunately it runs in circles, returning many duplicate listings. Speed and comprehensiveness are high, if you don't mind wading through 100s of listings unorganized listings.

Meta search engine that groups pages by site. Use the features on the query form to customize your search.

This meta search engine is average in performance, returning far to many pages from each individual site resulting in only a few sites being featured on each results page. Elimination of redundant listings would be a step in the right direction.

An unimpressive meta search engine. Findings of average to below average relevancy.

AskScott queries you as to the type of search you are making. It uses your answers to lead you through a decision tree to a search engine best suited to a specific type of query. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have been updated recently and depends on a limited number of engines.

Searches the top 12 search engines and presents results organized by engine in one long easy to read scrollable list.

Meta search engine providing the top 3 results from FAST, Altavista and Excite. Does allow searches to be limited by country.

Searches the top five search engines. Provides the top ten listings from each categorized by engine.

A meta search engine. Searches up to 10 engines at once, depending on how many you select. Results provided in hard to read typeface, with no information as to relevance or which search engine found.

MetaCrawler IQ 105
Metacrawler simultaneously searches 12 of the Internet's leading search engines. Has the option to sort results by relevance, by source search engine, or by originating site. This popular search tool suffers from low relevancy of listings and has been left in the dust by the newer more accurate meta search engines.

Access the top seven search engines.

Searches the top six search engines. Results include many redundant listings.

Searches up to 12 engines including: Lycos, WebCrawler, Google, All The Web, Thunderstone, Infoseek, Direct Hit, HotBot, Excite, Galaxy, AltaVista, NationalDirectory and Usenet.

The Search Page IQ 105
220+ hyperlinks for people who want to search the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) for something but don't know where to start.

A meta search engine that is supposed to search up to 37 search engines. Homepage design is cluttered and hard to use. Ability to control search engines limited and relevancy only average. Results pages are poorly laid out. In this case, more is not better.

Multiple query form for meta search and other search engines. This search tool is based on the idea that if meta search engines are a good idea, access to more meta search engines is even better. How do you spell "redundant?" Searching with multiple meta search engines is generally a waste of time. It makes far more sense just to pick one of the top ranked meta search engines, and use it.

Claims to be a meta search engine, but our tests found it only searched the Open Project Directory database.

Highway 61
Searches limited to Yahoo, Webcrawler and Excite. Does provide a quote to read while waiting for search results.

Awkward graphic interface and organization.

Average performing meta search engine. Includes far to many redundant listings. Provides links at the bottom of the page to 19 of the most popular individual search engines.

This meta search engine gets points for its comprehensiveness and its ability to enable users to customize searches, including a natural language query option and a family filter. Unfortunately relevancy doesn't appear to play a role in listings provided. review updated!

Formerly SearchSpaniel (a mutt), Search123 is now an average performing meta search engine. It covers a limited number of databases. Unlike most current meta search engines that list all results together (and indicate which search engine they came from) this meta search engine just groups them by search engine giving the user the task of sifting through redundant listings.

Provides access to multiple search engines and a front door to Includes a pop up window on the left side of your browser for selecting which search engines to use. Unfortunately this was not operative using Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers operating from a Macintosh computer.

To find the best search engine for the job enter a word or a phrase and SmartBorg suggests a search engine to use. We love the idea, now if it just added value to the search process. In our tests we found its recommendations didn't always jive with what we were looking for. Overall it directed us to competent search engines but you'd could do just as well by starting with a good meta search engine or the appropriate specialty search engine.

Average performing meta search engine with cute surfy images next to each listing. Not our first choice of a search tool but not our last.

Average performing meta search engine. You can select which engines to search. Results grouped by engine and reflecting the relevancy of the individual engines.

An limited meta search engine covering only 4 search engines (2 of which use the same database). Results are average in accuracy (7 out of 10 where relevant) and include a high level of redundancy.

Uses confusing 4 frame layout to present search results from 4 popular engines.

Clumsy meta search engine that only searches two engines at a time. Searching of additional engines available. Includes links to the Open Project Directory for limited category searching. A rewrite of their basic algorthim is needed to search all search engines at once and provide an integrated results page with sites ranked by relevance as a growing number of other meta search engines have done. Not recommended. review updated!

Poor layout and slow performance are less than clever. Metasearch results were average in relevancy. We did like the world news summary at bottom of the page, which is refreshed every 27 seconds.

Searches the top 5 most popular search engines. Very fast, but current page design is almost illegible.

This meta search engine has potential but its unrealized as of yet. Provides the ability to select up to 15 search engines. Unfortunately results are presented in confusing layout and include redundant listings. Use of this engine is buggy and regularly it freezes or dies while posting results pages.

Worse than average meta search engine with unappealing graphics, poor relevancy and an emphasis on promoting adult listings. Not recommended.

A version of the Open Project Directory which provides extremely limited results of poor relevancy.

You select from scrollable lists the 4 engines to search. It provides the search engines results pages in 4 frames, similar to All4One.

Freeality IQ 90
A simple way to search multiple search engines by category. Not a true meta search engine but provides access to 100s of search sources, many are just commercial sites with limited listings.

“A metasearch which returns results from three (3) pay-per-click engines in sequence (followed by MSN results to make it look a bit better): Goto, Kanoodle, and Findwhat. Serious web searchers should be aware that this doesn't offer a fair cross-section of major search engines and directories“ Reviewed by Andrew Goodman, new listing!

Not a meta search engine but rather a one stop for opening search engine windows. Enter your search terms once and watch up to 18 browser windows open at once. Another way to annoy people rather than help them.

Metasearch 9 of the major search engines at once. Results provided in a scrollable frames wiindow. Listings were silightly lower than average in relevancy.

Allows you to enter your query once to search many general search engine or similarly for 11 core topic areas. Each engine's results page returned as a separate browser window. So watch out! Depending on how many engines you select you your query will open up to 14 browser windows. Is this helpful? We like the notion of meta searching specialty topic area search engines at one time.

While this site provides access to the search engines, unlike most meta search tools it doesn't consolidate the information and prioritize it making the search process an excessive data dump. And instead of loading one results page see how bogged down your computer gets went it tries to load 4-10 results pages at once with attendant adds. Not recommended for general use. If you can find your subject area in the short list of specialty search engines they are each worth a try, just don't select more than one or two at a time. IQ 90
Use internet keywords to search 6 search engines. Results provided in one long list with redundant listings. Keyword registration provided if you provide personal financial information, etc.

Metasearch engine that covers 14 search engine databases, including the largest ones. Unfortunately, results aren't analyzed for relevancy, and barely are remotely on target. Poorly designed and confusing layout to homepage doesn’t help.

Meta search engine without the advertising banners. While this is a nice feature this search tool only covers a limited number of databases and provides less than average relevancy (4 out of 10).

Meta search engine that allows you to search by category. Unfortunately this engine is marred by poor relevance of findings. Not recommended.

Not really a meta search tool. Just provides links to the popular search engines.

Proteus for Young People
Access six search engines for youth.

Less than smart, this hard to read metasearch engine (light blue type is never a winner) provides findings of lower than average relevancy.

Searches the top five most popular engines (Yahoo, Excite, Altavista, Lycos and Infoseek). Provides one long list of results without indicating which engine they came from or eliminating the many redundant listings.

Provides the search query form to 10 search engines. Not a meta search engine, since each search must be preformed individually.

Not a real meta search engine. Provides a direct link to the most popular engines.

Searchthenet IQ 85
Access 9-12 search engines., newsgroups and yellow pages.

Simultaneous searches 5-9 search engines. Six of these are pay for placement engines so results are highly biased and relevancy based on how much sites are willing to pay. Not recommended for accurate searches.

Meta search engine with homepage graphics so bad its worth checking our for a laugh. Just don't use it, its performance is poor, providing low relevancy of findings and numerous redundant listings.

Seti-Search IQ 80
Not a meta-search engine but provides access to a small assortment (9 total) of search engines and meta search engines.

Slow and inaccurate meta search engine. Not recommended.

Query multiple search engines and web sites with one browser page, up to 4 at a time. Results provided in one quarter window sections. You had better be a master at using the scroll taps on your browser window in order to use this search tool. Showing search results in a quarter page is almost useless. Not recommended.

Search Thingy IQ 70
Using this query form you only need to enter your search terms once. Then after you search each engine, just use the back button to return to the form and select another engine to search. Why waste time on such a clumsy search tool when so many better ones exist. Not recommended.

This megasearch engine is now just a front door to mallagent and is extremely slow and disfunctional. Not recommended.

Hyperindex Search IQ unrated
Australian meta search engine. Use automatic phrase based clustering to help query formulation.

InfoTiger Search Engine IQ unrated
Appears to search multiple databases in parallel but provides no information on the site as to where and how it gets information.

Multimetea IQ unrated
Bilingual meta search engine, simultaneous search in several international and German search engines.

Version of metagopher. Includes preselected set of speciality search engines, with only one per subject category.

Directory of some of the popular search engines.

Directory of search engines and meta search engines. Includes query forms for many of the engines listed.

Portal to search engines, meta search engines and search information.

Worldlight IQ unrated
Access a handful of popular search engines.


General Search Engines and Directories
2look4it .
Very limited listings, not recommended.

About IQ 130
Looking for previewed sites covering common topics? uses “professional Guides” to research and collect over a million useful sites in over 700 topic areas. is a great place to start a web inquiry as long as you’re not looking for anything to specific. Think of it as a resource library for popular subjects. Uses Sprinks (powered by the competent Inktomi) as a default search engine if it can’t find your query at

Aesir Custom Search IQ 105
Use filters to customize output from search engines.

Find homepages via metacrawler. We couldn't get this engine to find anything.

Low relevancy of search results.

Powered by FAST you can expect similar results to Alltheweb.

Alta Vista
Has one of the largest databases. Good for specific searches if you don't mind wading through tons of listings.

Uses Direct Hit to bring you the most visited sitesfor your keywords.

Limited database and search capability. Not recommended.

Bomis.Com IQ unrated.
Internet ring index with adult emphasis.

Business Seek .
More than 150,000 companies, but don't bother, the big engines have better listings.

A poor quality search engine with moderately accurate and highly redundant results. Business plan based on attracting users by offering "colorstamps" (like greenstamps) for using the search engine.

A searchable directory of search resources. Claims that 100,000 searchable databases exist on the net and has over 17,000 in its present database. Our tests found that results included multiple duplicate listings, sites with no significant databases, none searchable sites, all mixed in with key search resources. What a mess! A Fantastic idea but they forgot to edit the listings their robot gone wild collected. Worth a look if you’re a search fanatic.

Cozy Cabin IQ 70
Very basic "clean" search engine with finite scope.

Minimal database. Does include editor's site picks.

Direct Hit IQ 100
Supposedly gives you the most popular sites, but search function and database is limited. If you are looking for the most popular sites by keyword then this site maybe for you. If you're looking for the best or most relevant sites than we suggest you use a search engine like HotBot or Altavista or better yet a meta search engine. A number of other search engines use DirectHit's database to provide a handful of listings at the top of each search results page including: HotBot, MSN Search, LookSmart and ATTNet.

Electric Monk IQ 80
Searches its own database with somewhat limited results.

Excites features, its personalized page with news and portfolio tracking are tops. Unfortunately its search engine relevancy could be improved.

Fast Search IQ 90
Using its spider this search engine is working to collect a billion urls. To date their database has 300 million making it the largest of the search engines. This puppy is fast as a greyhound, but they forgot to train it to eliminate redundancy. If a site has multiple pages on the same topic, it returns them all requiring you to sift through many many redundant listings.

FindLink IQ 65
Low relevancy of results. Search algorithm lacks sophistication and pulls any item that has keywords in description.

FindWhat provides a clean and simple access to an Inktomi powered search engine. Results are influenced by how much sites pay for listings, not solely based on relevancy. FindWhat has jumped on the wannabe a millionaire bandwagon and now offers users a chance to win big bucks for searching.

A search engine that limits results to the first page of a site, eliminating redundant listings from the same site, but not redundant listings from duplicate sites. Of course this also eliminates millions of potentially relevant sites. Some sites consist of sections covering 100s of significantly different topics. With First-Search you'll never find these pages.

Galaxy IQ 60
Search results are so low in relevancy that they are essentially useless.

Global Online Directory IQ 95
European engine. Search for web sites by country, state, province, county or even city by city narrowing down the information and creating a more accurate result.

Best sites on the net updated daily, though last time we checked the add url function didn't work so how its updating daily we don't know.

Go .
Easy way to search news, newsgroups. For searching web sites, we suggest using one of the top rated engines instead.

Its robot collects pages whether they've been submitted or not making it a very comprehensive engine. Technically its not a meta search engine but it functions like one. Now searches Netscape's Open Project Directory in addition to its own database. Ranks sites by number of incoming links and the popularity of referring sites. Findings are highly relevant, particularly for searches with two or more words. Includes redundant listings. IQ 80
Fast engine where placement is determined not by relevancy but by how much sites pay for their listing. Search and find out which sites are paying the most for your eyeballs.

GTE SuperPages
A form of yellow pages. Search businesses by category. Is supposed to search by company name, actually just searches web page titles, providing large numbers of irrelevant listings.

Organized into sub categories/ directories. Interesting concept but operating from a very limited database.

HotBot uses both the Open Directory Project and Inktomi's databases. Unfortunately like most search engines it suffers when it comes to finding relevant listings. While the Open Directory Project and Inktomi represent two of the largest databases their size doesn't mean the algorithms used to sort the data can guarantee accurate results. While HotBot provides listings that may be somewhat related to the search terms, its accuracy, i.e. its ability to provide highly relevant listings is limited as compared to the many meta search engines. (This is caused in part by trying to be more comprehensive and including the increasingly inaccurate results from the Open Project Directory.) Still HotBot it is one of the better individual search engines and includes advanced search options on the homepage!

Promises to provide relevant searches. Actually its a combination door into Google's easy to use and comprehensive search engine and a directory of reviewed sites, like the Open Directory Project or Currently there aren't enough listings in the directory to make it useful, but submit your sites and keep checking back.

Use a human being to answer your question. For $8, they'll find what the answer to any question.

Just another front door to webcrawler.

Limited database but provides a preview function. This lets you view text information from sites without having to wait for graphics to download. You can buy your way to a top placement.

Searches the open resource project database.

Search the server of the Australian National University, Coombs Computing Unit. Research Schools of Social Sciences & Pacific and Asian Studies, Canberra.

Uses Inktomi's database and provides listings of average comprehensiveness and accuracy. If you use this search engine you can win millions. If you're the type that spends money on Lotto tickets then this search engine is for you. You won't lose money here, but we suggest you use a search tool that can survive on its merits rather than need hold out the carrot of winning millions.

Jassan Unrated
Category based search engine.

A searchable directory with a small (750,000) selection of sites.

Highest bidder gets the top listing in this search engine which uses the Inktomi database.

Search engine of sorts with a growing database of over a quarter million listings (as compared to two to three hundred million listings of the big search engines). Mostly advertising links and search results are low on relevance.

A searchable set of links. Provides another incoming link to your site.

Used by LookSmart and other engines. Ask a live person online for help with your search. Sounds like a great idea, but for it to work each helper at liveperson would need to be an expert in everything. Instead of getting a set of possible sites to choose from liveperson and WebHelp provide just one suggestion. This is one case where the computer is smarter than a person, search engines and meta search engines are a zillion times faster and smarter at sorting through millions of web sites and providing relevant results.

A dumbed down version of Altavista's search engine. In addition uses RealNames and DirectHit. Worse than average relevancy, provided on a confusing results page.

Brings together data from FAST, Direct Search and the Open Project Directory. Only limitation to being a truly great search engine is its ability to provide relevant results and eliminate redundant pages.

A dumbed down version of excite. Almost the same listings show but not as well organized by relevancy and without the many free features that excite offers.


Poor relevancy.

Japanese and English search engine. Poor to moderate relevancy of findings in English. Not sure about findings in Japanese.

MSN Search IQ 90
Not well suited to finding specific information.

Netscape uses the Open Project Directory database Read the review.

Northern Light IQ 110 updated review
Northern Light uses its own propietary database covering 220 million web pages and 20 million articles. This search engine is a mixed bag.

We like its use of folders. When you conduct a search it puts a column of folders on the left of related topics (reminds us of looking for a book on a libarry shelf and actually finding the best resource to the right or left of where the book we were looking for was supposed to be). Below each site listed, Northen Light puts a folder of additional pages from that site, eliminating the appearance of multiple and or redundant listings from the same site.

What we don’t like. Unlike meta search engines or the larger search engines, Northern Light runs of a limited database covering only a slice of net. Results are interspersed with articles from Northern Light’s special collection, read pay for these to read them. Given how much information is free on the net, we tend to avoid these pay to read services though we don’t doubt that they may be worth the couple of bucks charged.

Depending on how you search, Northern Light may be for you, though we’d recommend that you augment it with one of the better meta search engines.

Earn money while searching! If you think earning 1 to 3 cents for visiting preselected sites via NetFlip is the way to riches then this search engine is for you. Make up to $1-$2 per hour!!! NetFlip uses demographic data you enter to target results. If you're looking for a selection of sites purely based on merit rather than how much they pay to NetFlip then go elsewhere.

Attempts to improve relevancy via menu options provided with each search term on your results page. This allows you to refine your search further based on a specific meaning for each search term. A great idea, but hindered by the quality of the initial database and search algorithm which results in far too many irrelevant listings. While not perfect w applaud this effort to improve on the standard search process. Worth a look!

Open Directory Project IQ 120
The goal of this new engine is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, and its well on its way to accomplishing this goal. Similar to Yahoo, listings are organized by category and reviewed by editors, though the Open Directory Project relies on a vast army of volunteer editors. While Yahoo can take months to submissions are usually included in the Open Directory Project within weeks. Until recently this meant that most listings were of high quality. We've noticed that this has changed and numerous dubious listings are slipping into the database reducing the value of the directory.

New search engine using Netscape's open project directory. Includes a meta search function.

Search the Time Inc.'s database of articles from Time, Fortune, People, Money, Entertainment Weekly, ParentTime, Ask Dr. Ruth Weil, and more. Admittedly this is a limited database but has lots of useful information.

Search engine with sites ranked by users.

Power Search
Very limited database and dysfunctional search. Supposably ranks by quality and popularity but a search for "better meetings" showed the "Southwest Ohio Crochet Guild" in the third spot.

Presentation of results will have you reaching for your glasses even if you normally don't wear any. Top listings can be bought, so relevancy is related to dollars spent not content. Limited database, only searches description not page content.

Uses LivePerson to provide human assisted searches. Live person assistants are not experts in any subject area but rather supposed to be akin to a reference librarian, helping people find the right stuff. In our tests we found that a quickfindit human assisted search provided us with only one suggested link as compared to a reference librarian who can steer you to a whole section of the library. Most good search engines can provide you with a broader and equally relevant selection of links.

In English and Spanish.

Raging new review
A plain vanilla ad free search engine running off of Altavista’s database of 350 million pages. Results are similar to Altavista but appear to show somewhat higher relevancy, especially as you move down the search results page. (Uses the number of links to a site as a measure of the site’s relevancy.)

Using the “customize” link you can turn Altavista’s family filter on and custom search results. Without the standard data overload provided on most search engine’s homepages, Raging’s simple and clean interface is a breath of fresh air!

If you know the name of a company or organization and just want to go to their site and skip all the other sites that mention their name, use RealNames. Also available via AltaVista. The downside of this engine is that only companies that have ponyed up the $100 per listing are included, limiting the scope of searches.


Search for listings and find which sites are willing to pay the most for your attention. Sites pay for listings, the more they pay the higher the site ranks. If you're looking for sites based on relevancy, try one of the top ranked meta search engines or individual search engines.

Pages rated.

Saluki Search Unrated
A Family friendly search engine. Still growing its database. Stop by and suggest appropriate sites.

Scrub the Web

Search Engines Galore Unrated
Search the Australian and New Zealand Internet.

Search4Info Unrated
A very limited search directory.

Search King
Sites ranked based on surfer votes.

Twirlix is working hard to make the search process easier. Where most search and metasearch engines are almost identical Twirlix is trying something new and potentially better than the industry standard. Unique features include a 5 dot "quality" rating system, site homepage thumbnail, and separation of listings into "Top Matches' and "Further Matches". For those of us who are more visually oriented, this search engine's organization is a big step forward.

Search results not based on relevancy but on how much sites are willing to pay per click to get your attention. In addition has its own database of non paying sites.

Another site where paid for listings appear at the top regardless of relevancy. A search for "dog" found "The Ultimate Astrological Astrology" as the top listing.

Snap! IQ 100.
Uses Inktomi's database (100 million pages included versus 2-3 times that by the larger engines) and provides listings of average comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Uses the quality Inktomi database with similar features to Hotbot's advanced search function but without easy to read graphic layout of Hotbot.

Starting Point .
Just another way to use Altavista.

Super Snooper
Filters out sites to do with obscenity, hatred, drug-promotion or bigotry.

Thunderseek .
Supposably includes just the best of the best sites. Unfortunately data base is so limited as to be less than useful. Many fairly common terms resulted in one or no listings.

Indexes sites, not individual pages.

Claims to search over ten million pages. Unfortunately its not as selective as one would wish. In a search for - better meetings - the top listing was for a site selling kitchen remodeling services, the third listing was for formal wear and only 2 out of 10 were relevant.

Uses the Goolge engine with similar high caliber results. Offers the additional promise of protecting your privacy. "Our Private Search Engine will never deliver an unsolicited banner advertisement to you. It will also never use cookies or other invasive Personal Profiling technologies to build any personal profiles on your search requests."

Tradewave Galaxy

USA Online

European based search engine with average performance.

Uses the same database as Excite. Read the review of Excite for more information.

"Real-time, human- assisted search engine." In our tests we waited a minute or two for assistance. Results were disappointing, with only one site suggested that was only partially relevant. This "search engine" and sites like it are a step backward. In this case machines that process thousands of web pages in a second are a better resource than an individual.


Clean layout to this search engine providing the first paragraph of text from the document. Using their downloadable software you can drag and drop text from word processing and other documents for searching. Lots of potential here! WebTop just needs to improve the currently dismal relevancy and high levels of redundancy that plague this search engine.

Why or more
Preview version of new search engine that allows users to rate sites. Currently this beta version is sloow and few site have been rated making it of limited utility. We like the idea of users ranking the sites, but search engines like Direct Hit already rank sites based on frequency of visits, a simpler, but more accurate measure. Why uses a modified version of the Open Project Directory dataset.

Guide to the most popular web sites by six core categories with pull down menus of sub categories. Awkward to use and limited in scope.


Tap the knowledge of the volunteer experts. Great idea, unfortunately tests found a lack of experts and mostly irrelevant matches with possible response times of 10-20 days. A search for an expert on meeting management listed breast feeding as the closest match. Primarily a self-promotion bulletin board.

Yahoo is one of the easiest ways to find information on the web. Because Yahoo is a directory, not a search engine, its possible to look up information by categories. Though it has one of the smaller databases listings are consistently of the highest quality, one reason Yahoo is by far the most popular way to find information on the web.

Zeal IQ 70
Sites rated by registered users. In many cases the ratings are influnced by the site owners. Drawing on a limited database this search engine provides micro version of the web with low relevancy and poor comprehensiveness of results. Not recommended.

Mission is to provide unbiased search engine that returns the most relevant web sites, with the best content. Admirable, but failing in limited coverage of the net.


Browser Search Utilities

Alexa "Works with your browser to provide essential information about each site you visit." Suggests related sites. Mac and PC compatible. Full review and down.load

Altavista Discovery Put Altavista search in your browser and manage pages visited and email.

BookMarkeLets 150 available to help you search faster, modify the way you view pages and extract data. PC and Mac compatible.

Bullseye This browser tool lets you browse and search at the same time. Searches over 900 web sources simultaneously. For researchers and power searchers. Track sites, pages and keyword. Full review and download.

CMore Advanced search and file storage tool to use in conjunction with your browser.

Copernic Meta search desktop tool that searches the web and removes duplicate information and dead links. Results ranked by relevance, with summaries. Currently not Mac compatible. Full review & download.

CyBot Stand alone search software for creating your personal web searches. For full review.

DejaSearch Usenet search assistant software. "Will submit a search for you to, then retrieve and consolidate all search results into one single HTML file, sorted in newsgroup, subject and date (reverse) order.

eAuctionWatcher Windows tool dedicated to auction management. Retrieve current information on the items you are interested in, without having to browse.

eBolbo Listen to the web with this software.

eXenctrix Search the Internet from a document just by highlighting a
word in an active document.

Entrypoint Use this browser toolbar tool to keep up-to-date on news and search the web. Download.

ExpressInfoseek Go's desktop meta search utility.

FerretSoft A family of search utilities with many features that include everything from meta searching the net to finding an email address or searching a newsgroups, and many more. Full review.

flyswat This software creates links from any word on your screen directly to resources on the web. Just highlight the words you want to search whether they're in an email, document, or on the Web, to initiate a search.

GuruNet Works with any Windows application. Just point to a word and GuruNet brings you information in a pop up window. Full review.

Hurricane WebSearch Download this meta search tool for searching up to 12 search engines from your browser.

iMarkup A text highlighter to make web searching easier.

InfoCeasar A web page capture system designed to replace your browser.

Internet Explorer's What's Related Use this feature to find similar web pages.

Internet Research Assistant Provides direct access to special "JavaScript" search engines that remain an active utility when launched. They become three (3) separate remote windows you can keep open, enabling instant access to over twenty (20) different search engines always at your fingertips. Includes autoscrolling feature.

i-retrieve Java applet that opens in a small window in your browser and provides you with a search query box linked to most of the popular search engines. Pick from many of general search resources organized by country, the software search engines and topic specific search engines. Mac and PC compatible.

Jotter Browser toolbar to help you organize essential information and search the web. Will pay you to use it if you opt for the banner ad version.

Katiesoft A browser manager. Works with windows based machines to let you arrange multiple browser windows on your screen.

Kenjin Software that works with windows to show you pertinent web links to any highlighted text in your windows documents. Full review and download.

KnowAll Natural language search tool. Provides "dea-matching functionality". Full review.

Latest Changes Web agent does full text searches on URLs to identify updated documents.

Lycos Search Tools Desktop search assistant for Microsoft users that links you to Lycos directly. (We're not sure why you would want to be linked to one of the poorer quality search engines.)

Mata Hari Download this desktop search agent for meta searching the web. Search up to 600 sources at once with full control.

MantaDB Utilities This software scans the web pages viewed and saves them as a searchable database for future access.

MicroSurfer Use this software to view web pages quickly, visit several links on a page, and download pages in the background. Full review and download.

MisterPix Search utility that helps you find pictures on the internet and in Newsgroups.

MP3 Wolf A "search robot that scans the internet for MP3, MIDI and WAV and other music files directly from your PC. MP3-Wolf can locate, sort and verify 10000's of music files and links per hour. All delivered to your browser for download."

Netscape's What's Related Use this feature to search for similar pages.

NetSanity SmartBar Browser toolbar search utility. Download this small file (500K) to install.

Netword Download netword and go to web sites by entering keywords into your browser instead of domain addresses.

NSClean Protect your privacy with this Window's compatible software. Control cookies, email spam, newsgroups information. Full review.

Obongo Eliminates redundant web tasks. Remembers passwords, provides a "1-click" form to save typing, comparison shopping and search utility. Full review.

One Seek Puts a search engine, a powerful browser-independent bookmark utility and other tools on your browser's caption/title bar.

1Jump Download this software to search for company information directly from your desktop.

PowerMarks Bookmark manager and personal search engine. Full review.

RoboMouse An automatic mouse mover and a web page surfer, RoboMouse is a program designed to prevent inactivity timeout for internet browsing.

SAB Bookmarks Converter Lets you convert Internet Explorer bookmarks to Netscape bookmarks and Netscape bookmarks to IE bookmarks.

SearchWolf Meta search tool for your browser.

Sherlock Apple's meta search tool for the Macintosh. Review and download.

Simplefind Free program for Windows to help you meta search the internet. Full review and download.

Snippets "Key information is automatically extracted and displayed from dozens of data sources in a dashboard-like interface that is always visible on the edge of your desktop."

Squid Another banner ad blocking tool.

SurfJet Agent Billed as an advanced version of Apple's Sherlock. Uses fuzzy logic to sort through pages found by the search engines and follows links on found pages to find additional relevant pages.

Talash Use this search assistant to search for documents on your hard disk, Internet or LAN.

TeleportPro Download this desktop web spidering tool for advanced search capabilities.

ThirdVoice Desktop web assistant that adds a toolbar to your browser which includes an "explore" icon to provide you with information and relevant links. Full review.

TurboBrowser Toolset for browsing and managing all the files on your Desktop, Network, and on the Web.

TurboStart Desktop search utility that lets you tap 270 of the web's most popular search engines using your browser.

UltiMark Bookmark organizer that adds eWallet, PopUp killer, Ulti-Indexes and enhanced navigation features.

WebBandit Download this search utility and skip the search engine's graphics, cookies, with this advanced search tool.

WebLeacher Designed to minimize the time spent searching and downloading pictures and other binaries from the web.

Webopedia Search utility that resides in your browser's bookmarks. Highlight a term on a web page and webopedia gives you definition. Mac and PC compatible.

WebStripper Copy sites to your hard drive to browse offline. Full review and download.

WebSite-Watcher Checks an unlimited number of web-sites for updates and changes.

Search Engine Software

Atomz Atomz provides search engine software for your web site. Free for sites with less than 500 pages and can be added within minutes.


Link Guides (includes bookmark collections)

About Sites selected by dedicated subject experts. While this site reaches a large audience our tests found relevant reviewed sites listed in no apparent order. could use a lesson from Yahoo's clear hierarchy of subjects. If no reviewed sites are available defaults to a search database providing numerous redundant listings.

AccessPlace A comprehensive set of links organized into 20 core categories.

alphasearch Directory of search engines providing direct search access to many of the popular search engines from one page. Search engines organized by topic using a scrollable menu bar for each topic. German and English versions. Worth a look.

Ancient Thespians One-Minute Web Guide "The essential guide to intelligent life on the internet." Guide to quality sites in core categories. Worth a look!

4anything Not a search engine but a comprehensive network of web guides. Editors supposable search through web sites so you don't have to providing a set of links on almost every topic. The easiest way to find information is to search 4anything for your subject to find the appropriate topic page. On each topic 4anything provides a set of preselected links which may or may not match your needs( on some 4anything pages we found key sites omitted) . If you are one of those people who are "searching challenged" 4anything can provide an overview of a topic. But we suggest you use it only as starting point and supplement it with the power of a search engine or meta search engine. Uses Inktomi as a default when it can't find your topic.

Advocacy-Net All the bookmarks you want and not just 10 at a time.

Boogeyman's Links A place of stuff. Not your usual collection of links.

Click Strange stuff for idle minds. (Yeech).

Complete Reference Library Link to research material, search dictionaries and encyclopedias, translate, and more.

Conservatory 1278 links in assorted categories.

Electronic Library Resources A subject guide to selected resources on the internet.

Electronic Map of the Internet A link page organized in trip format.

Essential Links Links to commonly used resources.

FaveLinks Link directory.

Gateway to Online Resources Assembled by the University of Iowa Libraries.

GroupWeb Link directory covering most categories.

HandiLinks Links organized in categories from animals to world.

HotCool Quick links to the hottest topics on the net.

HREF Link index.

Individual Hot Lists from Yahoo

Internet Hot Sheet One journalist's list of quicklinks.

Librarians Index to the Internet By librarians for everyone. A reliable and efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources. Directory of hand-picked links sorted by geographical
origin in 94 categories, covering mainly UK sites.

mygo A page of links organized in topic categories to key sites.

mypro Both computerized search results as well as results and answers produced by live people, the "Pros".

NoSearch Source for quick information, 100,000 web sites in 505+ categories.

OpenHere Searchable categorized index of links.

Premium Links Links to the latest, most useful web sites.

refdesk Index of links for finding facts.

RoseColoredGlasses Links organized by who you are and what you are doing. ( A great idea now if it had enough categories and links to make it work.)

Rough Guide to the Internet 600 web site directory.

Roy's Amazing Links One persons well organized index of links.

Scout Report Signpost The best internet resources as chosen by the editorial staff of Signpost. Includes over 8,000 summaries.

SelectSurf Link directory with site reviews.

SuperSite Link collection organized in a few basic categories.

Start4All A link guide which allows individuals to create their own start4all link page in unique topic areas if available. Somewhat eclectic array to topics with sex and games being over represented.

TheCoolSites A small collection of key links.

Top 100 Sites Numbered link collection.

URLs for a rainy day Web resources. Only include sites that have been checked and recommended.

Useful Bookmarks A small well organized collection.


see also Theme Link Guides


Chis Sherman at and News provide insight into search engines.

Gary Price's Interesting Search Sites and his listing of search resources at Direct Search.

InternetStats Search for Web sites that have the business & market information, statistics, trends and news.

NUA Internet Surveys Internet trends.

Research Buzz Great resource. Tara Calishai updates this site daily with news of new search engines and new search engine features. We agree with Chris Sherman of that Tara provides, "one of the most useful and important newsletters covering the world of search".

SearchEngineGuide Check the news and what's new section.

SearchEngineShowdown Compare the major search engines by statistics, search strategies, and features. Analyze their relative sizes, unique hits, overlap, and dead links.

Search Engine Watch Subscribe to this monthly newsletter written by Danny Sullivan for a summary of the search engine industry.

The Scout Report

Traffick Guide to portals.

What's Nu Search for new sites by category.

For Search Voyeurs

SearchTicker Plain vanilla listing of the most recent search queries entered into Webcrawler. What people are trying to find on the net. Makes for amusing reading. added recently

Take a Peek The most recent 20 queries submitted to AskJeeves. Automoatically refreshes every 20-30 seconds. added recently


Map directory whether you're looking for the standard maps, historical maps, earthquake maps or weather maps, its listed here.

MadSci Network
Get answers from this network of scientists. Search or browse the database of existing questions, or ask a new question. We know scientists are always known as fashion trend setters but what gives with the confusing layout of this site that requires a Ph.D to navigate.

To find great content on this site click on the MadSci archives and then the Current Queue link or Archives link . You can also try the search engine. Overall a fun site for scientists young and old which includes a comprehensive directory of basic science reference sites.

Computer science citation index search. Automatically creates searches of the literature. Promising research tool.

Find a trail map for any ski area whether you're headed for the hills of Connecticut, or mountains in Europe. You can even view maps of ski areas in the Near East, Middle East and Australia. Includes a directory of ski areas too.

Guide to the search engines. Includes a sampling of topic specific search engines. When you click through to a topic area you'll find one of over a hundred helpful search guides included. For example in sports was a guide on how to find stats on team players. A well done site, just lacking in the quantity of sites (the sports section of the directory only had 4 out of the hundreds of worthwhile sports search sites). On the other hand, the handful of general use search engines does include more detailed information than you'll ever need.

Research any film with this movie database. Get detailed information on most movies. Provides ratings, synopses, and all those names that go by to fast to read on the credits.

Get the details on any game for PCs and Macs. Includes synopses and reviews, and in-depth information. Fast and easy to use.

Watch television stations from anywhere in the world on your computer. Select stations anywhere from Angola to Iceland or pick from almost a hundred U.S. TV stations. And just like regular TV you 'll get to watch ads too.

Directory of free movie clips you can view. Large collection in every genre from current movie trailers to clips from silent films. Many are longer than10 minutes. Broadband access recommended for viewing.

Find and watch video clips. MTV, movies and sports includes. Requires registration and broadband access. While the selection of clips is limited this site is way to much fun and we strongly advise you don't open it up at work or you'll never get anything done.

Subscription-based research service that provides undergraduate college students access to the full text of tens of thousands of scholarly liberal arts books and journal articles. Is it worth the money? Free trial offer provided so you can decide.

Search the two largest databases (FAST and Google) with this average performing metasearch engine. Results were average in relevancy. When you search, Infonetware generates a set of related keywords in the left hand navigation bar in addition to the more typical results. The idea here is to blend the benefits of searching and browsing. We liked the concept but found that use of the browse links brought up results of similar average quality to searching. Either way we found numerous redundant listings on the results pages. Worth a look.

Ignite your browser with this fast UK based metasearch tool. Searches Google, Altavista, Hotbot and with average results. We liked the speed, though the site is lacking in features..

Listen to the radio with your PC. Use this directory of online radio stations to browse for a station by country, station or type.

CGI Resources Index
Find a cgi script for your web site. Over 2900 to chose from.

Get shopping advice. Directory of buying guides, product review sites and online stores. Just use the tabs at the top to find your way around this site. Good resource but limited content.





The Top 15
The Biggest, Fastest, Best of the Best

WebCrawler Usually pretty fast and thorough. Has become my first choice Alta Vista Definitely one of the NEW PowerHouse search Engines SNAP A VERY good, comprehensive and quite new search site. Could move to #1 ! HotBot Another powerful one in the top 12 group Excite Search Engine, Links to over 11 million pages Yahoo One of My favorite starting Point. Usually productive, available & fast InfoSeek Searches Web pages full text and NewsGroups Ask Jeeves answers questions submitted in any form. Quite a good site. Aliweb A Public Service provided by NEXOR, UK The Front Page / LinkStar Search Engine Getting Faster & Better all the time Lycos Pretty thorough BUT also Pretty Busy during the day - Best used @ Nite Web Wombat - well done Australian Search Engine that been around since the beginning Matilda Large, well organized and responsive Australian Search Engine Open Text Livelink Pinstripe. Search site designed specifically for the business community MultiMeta Bilingual simultaneous search in English/Deutsch/Español/Francais/Italiano