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Link Guides (includes bookmark collections)

About Sites selected by dedicated subject experts. While this site reaches a large audience our tests found relevant reviewed sites listed in no apparent order. could use a lesson from Yahoo's clear hierarchy of subjects. If no reviewed sites are available defaults to a search database providing numerous redundant listings.

AccessPlace A comprehensive set of links organized into 20 core categories.

alphasearch Directory of search engines providing direct search access to many of the popular search engines from one page. Search engines organized by topic using a scrollable menu bar for each topic. German and English versions. Worth a look.

Ancient Thespians One-Minute Web Guide "The essential guide to intelligent life on the internet." Guide to quality sites in core categories. Worth a look!

4anything Not a search engine but a comprehensive network of web guides. Editors supposable search through web sites so you don't have to providing a set of links on almost every topic. The easiest way to find information is to search 4anything for your subject to find the appropriate topic page. On each topic 4anything provides a set of preselected links which may or may not match your needs( on some 4anything pages we found key sites omitted) . If you are one of those people who are "searching challenged" 4anything can provide an overview of a topic. But we suggest you use it only as starting point and supplement it with the power of a search engine or meta search engine. Uses Inktomi as a default when it can't find your topic.

Advocacy-Net All the bookmarks you want and not just 10 at a time.

Boogeyman's Links A place of stuff. Not your usual collection of links.

Click Strange stuff for idle minds. (Yeech).

Complete Reference Library Link to research material, search dictionaries and encyclopedias, translate, and more.

Conservatory 1278 links in assorted categories.

Electronic Library Resources A subject guide to selected resources on the internet.

Electronic Map of the Internet A link page organized in trip format.

Essential Links Links to commonly used resources.

FaveLinks Link directory.

Gateway to Online Resources Assembled by the University of Iowa Libraries.

GroupWeb Link directory covering most categories.

HandiLinks Links organized in categories from animals to world.

HotCool Quick links to the hottest topics on the net.

HREF Link index.

Individual Hot Lists from Yahoo

Internet Hot Sheet One journalist's list of quicklinks.

Librarians Index to the Internet By librarians for everyone. A reliable and efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources. Directory of hand-picked links sorted by geographical
origin in 94 categories, covering mainly UK sites.

mygo A page of links organized in topic categories to key sites.

mypro Both computerized search results as well as results and answers produced by live people, the "Pros".

NoSearch Source for quick information, 100,000 web sites in 505+ categories.

OpenHere Searchable categorized index of links.

Premium Links Links to the latest, most useful web sites.

refdesk Index of links for finding facts.

RoseColoredGlasses Links organized by who you are and what you are doing. ( A great idea now if it had enough categories and links to make it work.)

Rough Guide to the Internet 600 web site directory.

Roy's Amazing Links One persons well organized index of links.

Scout Report Signpost The best internet resources as chosen by the editorial staff of Signpost. Includes over 8,000 summaries.

SelectSurf Link directory with site reviews.

SuperSite Link collection organized in a few basic categories.

Start4All A link guide which allows individuals to create their own start4all link page in unique topic areas if available. Somewhat eclectic array to topics with sex and games being over represented.

TheCoolSites A small collection of key links.

Top 100 Sites Numbered link collection.

URLs for a rainy day Web resources. Only include sites that have been checked and recommended.

Useful Bookmarks A small well organized collection.