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News and Research

Chis Sherman at and News provide insight into search engines.

Gary Price's Interesting Search Sites and his listing of search resources at Direct Search.

InternetStats Search for Web sites that have the business & market information, statistics, trends and news.

NUA Internet Surveys Internet trends.

Research Buzz Great resource. Tara Calishai updates this site daily with news of new search engines and new search engine features. We agree with Chris Sherman of that Tara provides, "one of the most useful and important newsletters covering the world of search".

SearchEngineGuide Check the news and what's new section.

SearchEngineShowdown Compare the major search engines by statistics, search strategies, and features. Analyze their relative sizes, unique hits, overlap, and dead links.

Search Engine Watch Subscribe to this monthly newsletter written by Danny Sullivan for a summary of the search engine industry.

The Scout Report

Traffick Guide to portals.

What's Nu Search for new sites by category.

For Search Voyeurs

SearchTicker Plain vanilla listing of the most recent search queries entered into Webcrawler. What people are trying to find on the net. Makes for amusing reading. added recently

Take a Peek The most recent 20 queries submitted to AskJeeves. Automoatically refreshes every 20-30 seconds. added recently


Map directory whether you're looking for the standard maps, historical maps, earthquake maps or weather maps, its listed here.

MadSci Network
Get answers from this network of scientists. Search or browse the database of existing questions, or ask a new question. We know scientists are always known as fashion trend setters but what gives with the confusing layout of this site that requires a Ph.D to navigate.

To find great content on this site click on the MadSci archives and then the Current Queue link or Archives link . You can also try the search engine. Overall a fun site for scientists young and old which includes a comprehensive directory of basic science reference sites.

Computer science citation index search. Automatically creates searches of the literature. Promising research tool.

Find a trail map for any ski area whether you're headed for the hills of Connecticut, or mountains in Europe. You can even view maps of ski areas in the Near East, Middle East and Australia. Includes a directory of ski areas too.

Guide to the search engines. Includes a sampling of topic specific search engines. When you click through to a topic area you'll find one of over a hundred helpful search guides included. For example in sports was a guide on how to find stats on team players. A well done site, just lacking in the quantity of sites (the sports section of the directory only had 4 out of the hundreds of worthwhile sports search sites). On the other hand, the handful of general use search engines does include more detailed information than you'll ever need.

Research any film with this movie database. Get detailed information on most movies. Provides ratings, synopses, and all those names that go by to fast to read on the credits.

Get the details on any game for PCs and Macs. Includes synopses and reviews, and in-depth information. Fast and easy to use.

Watch television stations from anywhere in the world on your computer. Select stations anywhere from Angola to Iceland or pick from almost a hundred U.S. TV stations. And just like regular TV you 'll get to watch ads too.

Directory of free movie clips you can view. Large collection in every genre from current movie trailers to clips from silent films. Many are longer than10 minutes. Broadband access recommended for viewing.

Find and watch video clips. MTV, movies and sports includes. Requires registration and broadband access. While the selection of clips is limited this site is way to much fun and we strongly advise you don't open it up at work or you'll never get anything done.

Subscription-based research service that provides undergraduate college students access to the full text of tens of thousands of scholarly liberal arts books and journal articles. Is it worth the money? Free trial offer provided so you can decide.

Search the two largest databases (FAST and Google) with this average performing metasearch engine. Results were average in relevancy. When you search, Infonetware generates a set of related keywords in the left hand navigation bar in addition to the more typical results. The idea here is to blend the benefits of searching and browsing. We liked the concept but found that use of the browse links brought up results of similar average quality to searching. Either way we found numerous redundant listings on the results pages. Worth a look.

Ignite your browser with this fast UK based metasearch tool. Searches Google, Altavista, Hotbot and with average results. We liked the speed, though the site is lacking in features..

Listen to the radio with your PC. Use this directory of online radio stations to browse for a station by country, station or type.

CGI Resources Index
Find a cgi script for your web site. Over 2900 to chose from.

Get shopping advice. Directory of buying guides, product review sites and online stores. Just use the tabs at the top to find your way around this site. Good resource but limited content.