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Checks By Fax software is a Small Business & Corporate checks by fax, phone, and e-mail check and draft printing software program which allows you to take checks by fax and now also SEND Checks.

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Browser Search Utilities

Alexa "Works with your browser to provide essential information about each site you visit." Suggests related sites. Mac and PC compatible. 

Altavista Discovery Put Altavista search in your browser and manage pages visited and email.

BookMarkeLets 150 available to help you search faster, modify the way you view pages and extract data. PC and Mac compatible.

Bullseye This browser tool lets you browse and search at the same time. Searches over 900 web sources simultaneously. For researchers and power searchers. Track sites, pages and keyword. Full review and download.

CMore Advanced search and file storage tool to use in conjunction with your browser.

Copernic Meta search desktop tool that searches the web and removes duplicate information and dead links. Results ranked by relevance, with summaries. Currently not Mac compatible. Full review & download.

CyBot Stand alone search software for creating your personal web searches. For full review.

DejaSearch Usenet search assistant software. "Will submit a search for you to, then retrieve and consolidate all search results into one single HTML file, sorted in newsgroup, subject and date (reverse) order.

eAuctionWatcher Windows tool dedicated to auction management. Retrieve current information on the items you are interested in, without having to browse.

eBolbo Listen to the web with this software.

eXenctrix Search the Internet from a document just by highlighting a
word in an active document.

Entrypoint Use this browser toolbar tool to keep up-to-date on news and search the web. Download.

ExpressInfoseek Go's desktop meta search utility.

FerretSoft A family of search utilities with many features that include everything from meta searching the net to finding an email address or searching a newsgroups, and many more. Full review.

flyswat This software creates links from any word on your screen directly to resources on the web. Just highlight the words you want to search whether they're in an email, document, or on the Web, to initiate a search.

GuruNet Works with any Windows application. Just point to a word and GuruNet brings you information in a pop up window. Full review.

Hurricane WebSearch Download this meta search tool for searching up to 12 search engines from your browser.

iMarkup A text highlighter to make web searching easier.

InfoCeasar A web page capture system designed to replace your browser.

Internet Explorer's What's Related Use this feature to find similar web pages.

Internet Research Assistant Provides direct access to special "JavaScript" search engines that remain an active utility when launched. They become three (3) separate remote windows you can keep open, enabling instant access to over twenty (20) different search engines always at your fingertips. Includes autoscrolling feature.

i-retrieve Java applet that opens in a small window in your browser and provides you with a search query box linked to most of the popular search engines. Pick from many of general search resources organized by country, the software search engines and topic specific search engines. Mac and PC compatible.

Jotter Browser toolbar to help you organize essential information and search the web. Will pay you to use it if you opt for the banner ad version.

Katiesoft A browser manager. Works with windows based machines to let you arrange multiple browser windows on your screen.

Kenjin Software that works with windows to show you pertinent web links to any highlighted text in your windows documents. Full review and download.

KnowAll Natural language search tool. Provides "dea-matching functionality". Full review.

Latest Changes Web agent does full text searches on URLs to identify updated documents.

Lycos Search Tools Desktop search assistant for Microsoft users that links you to Lycos directly. (We're not sure why you would want to be linked to one of the poorer quality search engines.)

Mata Hari Download this desktop search agent for meta searching the web. Search up to 600 sources at once with full control.

MantaDB Utilities This software scans the web pages viewed and saves them as a searchable database for future access.

MicroSurfer Use this software to view web pages quickly, visit several links on a page, and download pages in the background. Full review and download.

MisterPix Search utility that helps you find pictures on the internet and in Newsgroups.

MP3 Wolf A "search robot that scans the internet for MP3, MIDI and WAV and other music files directly from your PC. MP3-Wolf can locate, sort and verify 10000's of music files and links per hour. All delivered to your browser for download."

Netscape's What's Related Use this feature to search for similar pages.

NetSanity SmartBar Browser toolbar search utility. Download this small file (500K) to install.

Netword Download netword and go to web sites by entering keywords into your browser instead of domain addresses.

NSClean Protect your privacy with this Window's compatible software. Control cookies, email spam, newsgroups information. Full review.

Obongo Eliminates redundant web tasks. Remembers passwords, provides a "1-click" form to save typing, comparison shopping and search utility. Full review.

One Seek Puts a search engine, a powerful browser-independent bookmark utility and other tools on your browser's caption/title bar.

1Jump Download this software to search for company information directly from your desktop.

PowerMarks Bookmark manager and personal search engine. Full review.

RoboMouse An automatic mouse mover and a web page surfer, RoboMouse is a program designed to prevent inactivity timeout for internet browsing.

SAB Bookmarks Converter Lets you convert Internet Explorer bookmarks to Netscape bookmarks and Netscape bookmarks to IE bookmarks.

SearchWolf Meta search tool for your browser.

Sherlock Apple's meta search tool for the Macintosh. Review and download.

Simplefind Free program for Windows to help you meta search the internet. Full review and download.

Snippets "Key information is automatically extracted and displayed from dozens of data sources in a dashboard-like interface that is always visible on the edge of your desktop."

Squid Another banner ad blocking tool.

SurfJet Agent Billed as an advanced version of Apple's Sherlock. Uses fuzzy logic to sort through pages found by the search engines and follows links on found pages to find additional relevant pages.

Talash Use this search assistant to search for documents on your hard disk, Internet or LAN.

TeleportPro Download this desktop web spidering tool for advanced search capabilities.

ThirdVoice Desktop web assistant that adds a toolbar to your browser which includes an "explore" icon to provide you with information and relevant links. Full review.

TurboBrowser Toolset for browsing and managing all the files on your Desktop, Network, and on the Web.

TurboStart Desktop search utility that lets you tap 270 of the web's most popular search engines using your browser.

UltiMark Bookmark organizer that adds eWallet, PopUp killer, Ulti-Indexes and enhanced navigation features.

WebBandit Download this search utility and skip the search engine's graphics, cookies, with this advanced search tool.

WebLeacher Designed to minimize the time spent searching and downloading pictures and other binaries from the web.

Webopedia Search utility that resides in your browser's bookmarks. Highlight a term on a web page and webopedia gives you definition. Mac and PC compatible.

WebStripper Copy sites to your hard drive to browse offline. Full review and download.

WebSite-Watcher Checks an unlimited number of web-sites for updates and changes.