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Checks By Fax software is a Small Business & Corporate checks by fax, phone, and e-mail check and draft printing software program which allows you to take checks by fax and now also SEND Checks.

Download Quick Pay Office Pro Check By Fax Software now.
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 After you hit the submit button you will be prompted to save file to disk, place the file in a new directory, or one you use just for downloads, so you can find it later. The file should be the size listed below beside each version,  if it is less than this you didn't get the full download.

System requirements:
Windows '95/98/Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 for 32bit and 64 Bit version
Recommended  800 x 600 capable Graphics Card and Audio Card

Please Note if you encounter any Problems with our program or experience a function timed out contact customer support at 479-696-9401


Quick Pay Office Pro Checks by Fax Platinum Version 7.06 Down load this Copy. Price is $189.00! One Time Fee!

File Size: 11.5 Mb
New for Business Edition (released date 04/02/2002); you can now send checks by fax, and e-mail. Click here to try our Version 7.06.  Try our new interactive Tutor, who will walk you through on how to print a check. When in the program just click on  demo. Take Checks by fax, checks by e-mail, or checks by phone, like You Do Credit Cards. The Nation's Leading e-Commerce Software! No Per Check Charges; No Set Up Fees; No Monthly Fees; and No Hassle Business Checks by Fax. Only program built by and for the Internet and for our many Brick and Mortar Customers that require funds prior to shipment.


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