To order your personal Checks by E-Mail, Checks by Phone, and of course Checks by Fax pass code for your software you should first download the Checks by Fax program. Once you have done this start the software and the first pop-up window that appears will ask you if you want to enter your pass code now. Select yes, write down the machine code that is shown and then cancel out, which will then take you to the startup screen in Checks by Fax Platinum Pro 7.06. Once you have your machine code you are ready to purchase your software. We do require that you take full advantage of the 20 day demo, as once your final Unlock info is send there are No refunds. You may purchase Checks by Fax Platinum Pro 7.06:

If you wish to pay by Check by Fax, Please call 479-696-9401 for instructions.
Marketwizz Internet Solutions, David C. Harris, owner.

Downloadable Version - Includes 1 Unlock Code

Ver 7.0 32 bit-$189.00 Now Includes FREE Bank Data Base a $59.00 savings

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Additional Unlock Codes - Effective Sept 01, 2017 Necessary for use on additional computers

Unlock/Pass Codes for Ver. 7.0-$189.00  $100.00 second copy nolonger available for $100.00(More then 10 call for volume pricing) 

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FRAUD ALERT: Due to the dramatic increase in credit card fraud, we DO NOT use real-time processing. You WILL NOT automatically receive a serial number or unlock code upon the submission of your order. We carefully screen each order for possible fraud before processing. Please do not waste the bandwidth by trying to submit a fraudulent order.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as well as checks by fax, phone or email.

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